BEARAT’s efforts during the LRP I process paid off, as none of the projects proposed for Addington Highlands or North Frontenac were awarded. The strategy BEARAT undertook was aggressive and unprecedented and we believe this certainly helped prevent awards in the community. We made the ‘willing host’ designation granted by Addington Highlands extremely controversial, highlighted material weaknesses with the projects and generated negative attention for the proponents as well.

The projects that were awarded under LRP I have all executed their contracts with the IESO as of April 12, 2016.

LRP II is underway. We are expecting finalized rules and the formal process to kick off  shortly. Despite incredible leadership by Mayor Higgins and the North Frontenac Council, the LRP II process will not explicitly require municipal support as a condition for a contract award. Efforts to cancel LRP II overall also appear to have failed.

LRP II will award a total of 600 MW of wind turbine projects, and will represent the last significant power purchase agreements to be awarded by the Government of Ontario likely for years. We need to win this final fight, but after this, the community is likely safe for a period that will exceed the length of any property leases in place.

BEARAT is planning to up the ante and fight even harder against LRP II awards, building on the strength of our LRP I efforts, and applying lessons learned from the LRP I contract awards. We are using the increased time available to build out a stronger outreach effort into the community and among broader stakeholders with an interest in the area, including tourists.

We are actively looking for volunteers to support our outreach efforts, specifically related to plans to connect with abutting landowners, to ensure they do not support the project.

To successfully fight this project off, BEARAT needs to raise $75,000 in short order and will need the support of everyone in the community. This investment in fighting back today will prevent a several hundred thousand dollar appeal process that has been experienced in other communities, none of which have been successful to date.

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