NF Council to launch appeal if IWT's are approved‏

North Frontenac Mayor Ron Higgins announced last night via Facebook and Twitter two key decisions made in a council meeting yesterday:

  1. A resolution was passed by NF Council to request that the Minister of Energy and IESO does not approve any more new green energy projects. NF Council becomes the 19th municipality to pass the Wainfleet Resolution, a resolution strongly endorsed by BEARAT.

  2. If the current projects proposed by NextEra are approved in North Frontenac or Addington Highlands, an appeal will be launched.

This is great news. Ron Higgins has been in touch with BEARAT; should an announcement come saying that NextEra IWT's are awarded in either township, BEARAT will work with the North Frontenac township regarding the appeal.

There will be more to come from BEARAT over the next few weeks as we work to keep the pressure on the IESO leading up to project approval announcements. Stay tuned!