BEARAT Delivers Blows on Local Wind Proposals

BEARAT Delivers More Blows on Local Wind Proposals As Submissions are Due to IESO

Addington Highlands, Sept 1, 2015 –

Bon Echo Area Residents Against Turbines has prepared and delivered a detailed submission to the IESO attacking elements of the NorthPoint I, NorthPoint II and Denbigh Wind LP proposals in the Addington Highlands and North Frontenac area.

“We are hopeful our efforts will pay off and these projects will not make the final cut as the IESO works it’s way through the process. We believe there are elements of each proposal that should disqualify each of them outright from consideration by the IESO.”, said Dan Carruthers.

Carruthers also expressed gratitude to the hundreds of community members who have taken up the cause, including fellow BEARAT members, local MP Scott Reid, MPP Randy Hillier, North Frontenac Mayor Ron Higgins, North Frontenac Council and Addington Highlands Councillors Tony Fritsch and Kirby Thompson.

Says Carruthers:

“Our work isn’t done yet. There is more to do, but as a community we are committed to exercising every opportunity possible to defeat these projects. We are urging the public to continue with their opposition to these projects by visiting the “What Can I Do” section of the BEARAT website  and acting on its recommendations. These projects are in no way a ‘done deal’ and we will continue the fight the process at the IESO and Provincial levels until they’re no longer a threat to our Communities.”