Protest August 7, 2015 6-8 PM

In response to events at recent meetings, there will be a protest, organized by community member Kimberly Rosenblath, on August 7, 2015 from 6-8PM on the corner of HWY 28 and 41. Parking is available at the Swiss Inn restaurant. Kimberly has requested you bring signs against council members Hogg, Yanch and Cox. 

Henry Hogg, Bill Cox and Helen Yanch voted in favour of supporting both proponents against the wishes of the majority of their constituents.

Below is a speech given by community member Rosemary O'Connor to council at the August 4 meeting. The response from the people in attendance was overwhelming.

"Reeve Hogg:

During the recess at the July 20'th council meeting, you and I had a conversation, with Councillor Yanch listening in. I had decided that it was finally time for me to express to you my utter disgust about the lack of democracy and disregard for the views of  your constituents regarding the IWT project.

During that conversation and in a very condescending tone you said "Just name me a person who has ever earned a living in Ward One". I was appalled and left almost speechless. However, I manged to respond with the name of the first party that came to mind. You immediately denigrated that party's business practices. It was a petty and spiteful thing to say.

At the end of that conversation you inappropriately poked me in the shoulder and said "And if you are so concerned about your property value you can...". Leaving the sentence unfinished, you turned on your heel and walked away.

I find this utter lack of respect for me personally and Ward 1 and its people totally reprehensible on the part of a Reeve whose duty it is to represent all of his constituents equally and fairly. You have lost your perspective. The Vibrancy fund has caused you to place money ahead of the people that you represent and the land that they wish to protect and preserve.

You should resign."