UPDATES: August 4

  1. Town Council meeting August 4 in Denbigh- Here is the agenda for the meeting. It is expected that the usual three Councillors, including Henry Hogg, will pass support resolutions for the Turbines based on the acceptance of the final draft of the so-called Vibrancy (aka bribe/inducement) agreements. (We will update.)
  2. Here is a copy of the Vibrancy Agreement.  Councillors Henry Hogg and Bill Cox were on the negotiating committee. Of note, they made no material changes to the agreement beyond what was proposed by the proponents. Having given provisional support to the agreement in advance, they lost all of their leverage before even starting the negotiations.  It was a great case study in how not to negotiate a contract. 
  3. BEARAT has hired John Laforet and his Broadview Strategy Group to assist with Queen's Park lobbying and strategics. John was the head of Wind Concerns Ontario for a number of years and has helped multiple community groups with their turbine problems.  
  4. In addition to BEARAT's Chuck Birchall, two attorneys from nearby lakes will also be joining the fight against the turbines.  There is an emerging, multi-front strategy developing. Tonight's Council vote isn't the end of the debate.