In complete disregard for the overwhelming opposition of the Community, Council voted tonight to support industrial wind turbines in Addington Highlands. They have given provisional sanction to both Nextera and RES.

The vote was 3-2, with Tony Fritsch and Kirby Thompson giving intelligent, reasoned arguments as to why even a modicum of due diligence is the prudent approach to take. It was shot down.

From the other three (Hogg, Yanch and Cox): nothing. No questions, no statements, no articulated vision. Only silence, cowardice and capitulation. A reckless decision and an absolute disgrace of governance. 

We will keep you posted on our next steps.  

It is important to remember: "Companies can earn extra points if they can entice municipalities to pass resolutions of support, win the blessing of 75 per cent of landowners within or abutting a wind farm and sign up First Nations support." (click to read Ontario has rewritten the rules for wind farms article from Brantford Expositor)


Even though council voted in favor of the proponents, they did "NOT" vote according to the consensus of the majority of the constituents - It is extremely important that non-willing abutting landowners remain firm in their position as "NON-WILLING HOSTS".