OFFICIAL: North Frontenac NOT a Willing Host


Today, North Frontenac has joined the more than 90 Townships across Ontario in declaring themselves an Unwilling Host to industrial wind turbines.

Ron Higgins, Mayor of North Frontenac, says of the Project, "As an “unwilling host” of industrial wind turbines it is our intent to continue to be diligent on these two projects and do everything within our power to ensure industrial wind turbines are never constructed in the Township of North Frontenac. We have a vision and strategy for economic development and to put this type of project in our Township would destroy our community spirit, our plans and the natural beauty that makes us unique and proud of what we have."


We commend North Frontenac Council for their due diligence, for listening to their constituents, and for taking a stand against the Province who would use the heavy hand of the Green Energy Act to ironically impose unwanted industrial wind turbines on pristine landscapes.