Wind and solar project announcements delayed

Written by Jeff Green - Article from Frontenac News

The companies that have proposed wind projects in Addington Highlands and North Frontenac, and solar projects in South Frontenac will have to wait until early spring to find out if the Independent Electricity Service Operator (IESO) has accepted their bids under the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) process for renewable energy projects.

A statement on the IESO website says that the delay has come about because of the unprecedented response to the LRP.

“Based on the high volume of proposals received in response to the LRP I RFP (103) and complexity of the evaluation process, the target date for the completion of the evaluation of proposals described in the Timetable has been extended to March 2016,” is the message that was posted on the site on November 20.

The original timetable for the announcement of the winning bids was set for November or December.

The wind projects have been controversial, sparking the establishment of a group called BEARAT (Bon Echo Area Residents Against Turbines), and at least one of the solar projects, Collins Lake, which is located on Perth Road just south of Inverary, is also controversial.

South Frontenac Township Council has come out against the Collins Lake solar project, but they have supported other projects in the township. North Frontenac Township Council is also opposing the NorthPoint 1 wind turbine project, being developed by NextEra within their boundaries.

Addington Highlands Council has come out in favour of the NorthPoint 2 wind project of NextEra and the Denbigh wind project, which has been developed by Renewable Energy Systems of Canada.