Call for Donations

BEARAT is a non-profit, volunteer based organization. We have invested significant amounts of time and money into our fight against the development of Industrial Wind Turbines in our area. We are dedicated to this cause and continue to push for the protection of the beautiful areas surrounding Bon Echo Provincial Park. But we need the help of you, the community members. 

Our campaign has been aggressive, employing legal and strategic resources. The legal services of Charles Birchall (Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP), and the strategic services of John Laforet (Broadview Strategy Group) have proved to be, and will continue to be extremely important to our fight. With their guidance we have filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice alleging bribery with respect to the financial gains offered to the Township of Addington Highlands on the basis of project support. At the same time we filed an 1800 page document to the IESO, and we continue to push forward on a daily basis. Unfortunately these services, this fight does not come cheap. Costs thus far exceed $75,000. The majority of this cost has been covered by the BEARAT co-chairs. These donations are a testament to how strongly the BEARAT leaders believe in fighting these developments. Donations from the Brule Lake Cottage association, and the Ashby Lake Protective association have also been graciously received. 

Should the proponents receive the green light from the IESO at year-end, there are still things we can do to block and resist, but it's a scenario that includes years of continued legal battles that would increase the costs tenfold.

We believe the Cottage Associations and property owners of the area all have a personal stake in this issue and are subsequently asking for your assistance in helping us meet our 2015 fundraising goal of $50,000. 

Please circulate this message to anyone you might know who could help. Share on facebook, post as a tweet, email it to your friends and family. Donations can be made here. They can also be mailed to Lee Norbeck (BEARAT Treasurer) at:

1256 North Shore Road
Plevna, ON
K0H 2M0

We thank you for your continued support.